Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Job Hunting, Bad Knees and the Bolshoi - January 1958

Alice is now back after the Christmas break and is looking to the finish of her teacher training and finding a teaching post; from her letter home it looks like she is in need of further information to put on application forms. 

There are a number of positions coming up and it appear to be middle class schools that the students are applying for and certainly Alice seems to be very disapproving of any school that does not meet her criteria.

Alice talks about the weather as there was a lot of snow in 1958.  The monthly weather report of the meteorological office, Volume 75 Number 1 for January 1958 reports that 23 inches of snow had fallen on 24th & 25th January in East Anglia.

Alice is now playing the organ for Junior Church and seems to be enjoying that. She has been to see the Bolshoi Ballet in Bedford and has then had to walk back to college. She is having problems with her knees which is preventing her taking part in her practical work, after the walk her knees have blown up like footballs and she will be having infra-red treatment on them the following day.

She is looking forward to meeting up with her parents at a match on the 8th February and showing them some photos from her outward bound course in Snowdon last month.  She is a bit concerned about the match as it looks like it will be weather and team permitting as Watford have had a habit of cancelling games. 

9c  Three Pose in Snow

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