Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Specs, swimming and an eclipse, 19 May 1957

Alice writes to her parents a fair amount in May 1957. Alice thanks her parents for the gift of spikes and is brimming with anticipation to meet a mystery person referred to as ‘Mr. Baker - whole 7.’ We are unsure of who this Mr Baker may be but believe she is referencing a letter from her parents. She goes on to say that she regrets she will be unable to visit home for a special ‘do’ as her schedule is very demanding.
In previous letters this month Alice has had her eyes tested and now she addresses the fact that she has to wear glasses. She’s not particularly thrilled with her new specs as she refers to herself as an owl and comments on them being uncomfortable and sitting awkwardly on her nose.

Her week ahead is jam packed but she found the time on Monday evening to view an eclipse from a window sill. Alice has an extra gymnastics practice on Wednesday evening and a swimming ‘do’ where she participates in the floating formation section.

In the coming week she will be visiting schools as part of her teaching placement, and chairing her first meeting at one of the Hertfordshire colleges in her capacity as Midland T. C. C. U representative. The Teaching Colleges’ Christian Union is an inter-varsity group where Alice was a regional representative. Pictured is an image of the termly supplement circulated to members, where it discusses prayers for the summer term, Christian teachers, the classroom and behaving in a Christian manner. Alice states that she is hosting tea that afternoon with two people she met at the Hayes Conference Centre in Swanwick.

BPEA PP 1/4/1

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