Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Start of Spring Term 1957

It’s January 1957 and Alice is back at Bedford College of Physical Education following the Christmas holidays – minus her trunk - thus forcing her to borrow bits and pieces of clothing for Modern Dance and Games for a few days.  As usual she and her fellow students have the usual start-of-term inspection to check that they have all the required books on their reading list.

A new dining hall is under construction but in the meantime meals are taken in one of several houses which form part of the Lansdowne Road campus.  As with many other aspects of College life, the regime surrounding meals is strict and non-attendance is frowned upon by staff.  Hence Alice and her friends conceal the absence of a fellow student from a Sunday breakfast even though the student would appear to have a reasonable excuse – arriving at College at 11.45pm the previous evening following a lacrosse match in Exeter.
Alice is also shocked at the price of a cloth badge for her blazer – 8s/6d (8 shillings and 6 pence) – equivalent to £9.24 today which does seem very expensive.

Dining Room at 37 Lansdowne Road (c.1919-1920)

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