Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Returning as a 2nd-year

It’s September 1956 and Alice has returned to Bedford College of Physical Education for the start of her second year.  She is struggling with getting the wireless (radio) to work and wonders if her brother Roy has any useful suggestions.  In 1956 her choice of listening would have been limited to just three radio stations: the BBC Light Programme, BBC Third Programme and Radio Luxembourg.  Adding to her woes, she and her fellow students are facing an inspection to check if they all have the required uniform and books on their reading list…
Alice makes reference to her participation in the College lacrosse trials.  A study of the Lacrosse Record Book for 1953-1957 held in the Bedford Physical Education Archive reveals that she came through the trials to play in either the 1st or 2nd teams for the 1956-57 lacrosse season.


Alice has sent her parents a copy of the Courses of Studies booklet published by the College which includes a list of the subjects to be studied for the Certificate in Education.  A portion of the 1960 booklet is shown below.  Students who passed the examination were subsequently recommended to the Ministry of Education for recognition as Qualified Teachers.

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